Project on the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)

As part of the Division of NCDs and Promoting Health through the Life-course, the NCD project has a regional function in supporting all the European WHO Member States in areas such as:

·         development and evaluation of national action plans for prevention and control of NCDs

·         implementation of strategies to reduce modifiable risk factors

·         improvement of health care coverage for the management of NCDs

·         monitoring and surveillance

·         interagency cooperation

·         studies on social determinants of NCDs.

Objectives and results of the project reflect the requests for support from Member States and recognize the need for health systems and policies to be more responsive to the present NCD burden.

Within the framework of the WHO European Strategy and Action Plan 2016–2025, the NCD project is expected to lead the Region in using evidence-based best practices and promote an intersectoral approach to communicating policy and sharing information. The GDO answers to a set of global and regional frameworks to control NCDs – the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 2013–2020 and the Global Monitoring Framework for NCDs agreed at the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly in 2013 –, and a set of time-bound commitments agreed at the second United Nations high-level meeting in 2014 for reporting by 2018. In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals and Health 2020 both include the reduction of NCD premature mortality as a specific target.

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